Wifey’s Holiday Gift Guide

This is the Holiday Gift Guide I’ve been excited to share. MINE! The Wifey’s. This wishlist can be good inspiration for any trendy momma in your life. Maybe you don’t know what to get your sister or co-worker or cousin. These are made to help you, afterall. I was, surprisingly, a little stuck about what I wanted this year. Except for my huz-boo’s gift. I already picked that out. Yes, I do it myself, but that’s another post. Lol. Making this guide helped me figure out some ideas to tell whoever asks what I want this year. I have people in my life who will not take “I don’t need anything!” for an answer! So enjoy. I hope this Holiday Gift helps you shop for someone special or pushes you to ask for something nice. We all deserve it! XO.


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