Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

This Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is for you ladies. But it’s also for your guy to take a look at. These are just a few fun gifts under $25 for you, a friend, a sister, or co-worker. I like to give little gifts to my sister or a friend on Valentines Day. Nothing big; just something cute. It’s all about spreading love, right?!

I think every girl needs a nice bralette. They are so cute under sheer tanks and are extremely comfy when you are lounging around. One thing I want from this gift guide is the rose gold sunnies from Target. I love aviators and rose gold is a very trendy choice right now. How fun is that water bottle?!!!! I have been working out a lot lately and was just thinking that I needed a new water bottle so this one caught my eye. Another blogger actually directed me to the site. They have a yoga mat that says the same thing on it… so funny. I also would appreciate any sort of face mask at any time. Que Bella is a really amazing brand (available at Target). I buy these for small gifts all the time and everyone loves them. They have so many options so you can select a specific one for whoever you’re buying for. Example, I got my sister, who is a NICU nurse, a relaxing lavender mask. For my daughter’s piano teacher, we got her the hand mask.

I hope this gives all of you some ideas if you needed them. Or pass this along to yo’ man! Valentine’s Day is coming up fast! XO.


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