Turning Thirty Featuring Tobi & Lessons I’ve Learned


Turning thirty is something I’ve been really excited about. It is just a number, right?! Personally, I feel great about turning thirty and about where I am in my life. I don’t get why people freak out at each birthday, like my huz-boo for example. I have never felt better about myself so bring it on! I have a feeling these next few years are going to be the best of my life! I do, however, think that it’s totally normally to sort of reflect back on your life and re-think a few things when you hit a milestone age. I’ve learned so much about myself in the last few years and why not share that with all of you!

Let go of the negative. This has been key for my growth as a woman and mom and wife. There’s so much bad in this world so I had to learn that if I could control the drama around me, why would I keep it there? It’s hard to let go of certain people, but in doing so, I have become kinder, calmer, and way less dramatic.

Taking care of ME matters. This has been a recent discovery. I can admit now that I was maybe going a little nuts (just ask my husband) putting every ounce into being a mommy and not really giving myself time. Most days, I wouldn’t even get dressed and put makeup on. I always thought, what’s the point if I’m literally sitting at home all day?! It matters. New mommies, trust me! I always take the time to get ready every day, and I’m getting much better at having a girls night or going to a movie alone. I still hate it; it stresses me out leaving my daughter for even a few hours. But I need to be happy for her to happy.

My daughter is #1. No explanation needed.

My huz-boo is worth the work. I, obviously, have always known this. I don’t talk about him a lot on here, but my husband is my best friend and literally, does everything and anything for me. He’s the smartest person I will ever know and has the silliness of a 5 year old. He brings that out in me which I appreciate. We have been through it all and sometimes I think, shouldn’t this just be easy by now? After 10 years? The answer is, and always will be, NO. To be with someone forever is always going to take work. I need to just realize that at our bad moments. It’s worth it.

Love yourself. I have never really struggled too much with self-confidence, but I have a much younger sister and daughter who are growing up in a different world; the perfect social media world and a place where judging someone else is completely normal. Not how I grew up at all. I have just realized that I need to remind them, the girls I may reach through this blog, and my dance students, that it is important to love who you are. You can never be told that too many times. It’s a small realization, but an important lesson to push.

Did y’all have any “I’m turning thirty” freak outs?! Or was it just a good time to reflect?



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