Tips to Feel Confident in Your Prom Dress

Prom often brings high expectations because you want to look stunning and not show attention to any problem areas or feel self-conscious. We know that teen girls feel extra self-conscious so it’s important to remember that every single girl at prom can look fabulous if they find the right dress for their body type, do some extra fitness and beauty routines, and remember that attitude is everything when it comes to looking confident at prom.

  • Find a dress that flatters your figure. Full-figured girls often feel especially self-conscious, so choose a prom dress that defines your waistline and skirts your hips. A-line and empire waistband dresses are perfect for enhancing the right curves. In addition, select dresses in fabrics like jersey or chiffon which will hug your curves but not stick to your skin. You can find thousands of prom dresses by the top designers at
  • Don’t get lost in oodles of fabric if you’re petite or apple shaped. Sometimes, a shorter fit and flared prom dress will elongate you more, as well as show off other assets of your body.
  • Wear the proper under garments. This may include a full-coverage strapless bra or a convertible bra that’ll cover and give your bust line a lift. In addition, you may want to think about wearing a pair of shorts underneath a long gown as this will prevent rubbing and chafing.
  • Do some pre-prom exercise routines. Whether you’re trying to tone up your shoulders and back for a backless dress or sculpt your arms, consider doing a pre-prom routine. In addition to doing some jogging on the treadmill, try some push-ups and arm curls to tone your arms, some bridge lifts and squats for your legs and thighs and some extra crunches and sit-ups to flatten your abs.
  • Strike a pose. While taking pre-prom photos, stand with one hip closer to the camera, and roll your shoulders, suck in your stomach, and stand as straight as possible. This improves your posture and makes you look even more slender and sexier.
  • Don’t over analyze the size of the prom dress. Remember, formal dresses are often sized smaller so it doesn’t necessarily mean you gained weight if a size 10 prom dress fits you like a glove and you’re ordinarily a size 8 in most clothes. To ensure you buy the right size, stop in at the Prom Dress Shop, one of the best boutiques for prom dresses in Chicago.

Remember, above all else, that your attitude is key to looking and feeling confident at prom. If you start looking for dresses with a defeated attitude, it won’t be a fun experience. Instead, turn it around, bring the people with you that are encouraging and have a blast while trying on dresses. After all, years later you won’t remember the size of your prom dress, but you will remember the fun you had.

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