Smoothies From Green Blender

A few weeks ago, Green Blender sent me a week of smoothies to review for all of you. Give them a follow on Instagram; their smoothie pics are so beautiful.
Green Blender is a smoothie delivery service. Each week you get five smoothies to blend and enjoy! They really believe that “blending up fruits and veggies can improve your health for the rest of your life”. I have to say, I agree.

I feel like I am a pretty healthy girl, but waking up and making myself a smoothie every morning is something I wish I was better at. Early mornings are not my jam. Lol. I have no problem running out to get a coffee, but I can’t throw some fruits and veggies in a blender? Makes no sense, right? This is where Green Blender came to the rescue.

What I loved most about having the Green Blender smoothies is that it did make me skip coffee a few days. Without getting a headache! I also loved trying new flavor combinations. Like I mentioned in my Culinary Tour post, I have become quite the foodie since moving down South so I much more open to trying new flavors now. I really appreciated that they give info along with the recipe like why a certain ingredient is beneficial or the right way to build a smoothie. I can take that info with me when I make my own smoothies and for just eating.

While I wished that the ingredients were separated by smoothie, it’s easy enough to do by yourself. A little time consuming, but worth it to have it all sorted so it’s an even quicker process to make your smoothie.

Below I have shared the five different smoothies that I got to enjoy. My favorite was the Sage Blackberry smoothie. I love mixed berry flavors. The Dill Detox was actually better than I thought! I think hearing dill in a smoothie can throw someone off a little, but it definitely doesn’t taste like a pickle. I promise.

Which one looks good to you?! XO!


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