Scars Uncovered Campaign With Bio Oil


Oh, scars and stretch marks. We all have them. Lucky for us, Bio Oil is a trusted product to help reduce their appearance. “Bio Oil has been helping people with scarring in the UK for over 10 years, with two in five women having used Bio Oil on their scars.” This is why they have launched the Scars Uncovered campaign, to help women accept their scars.

I have to admit, I got quite big when I was pregnant. After I gained 20 lbs, I told my doctor to stop telling me my weight. The weird thing is that I always thought I looked so good and I felt great, overall. But those numbers became real scary for some reason. After I had my daughter and the weight came off, I was left with some stretch marks on my inner thighs. I am not one to feel self conscious about my body so the stretch marks do not necessarily bother me. They are a huge reminder of how well I carried my daughter. Nothing to ever be ashamed of, ladies. However, it would be nice to not see them every time I’m in my bikini! I also had knee surgery in 2006 and sometimes my scars hurt so I use Bio Oil on those scars. Is that weird that they hurt? Is that normal?

The point of the Scars Uncovered campaign is to help women accept their scars and rebuild their confidence. We are told all the time to accept our flaws, everyone has them, so I love that this campaign is just another way to remind women that the changes our bodies go through is normal! Have any of you ever used Bio Oil? I would love to hear how it helped you! XO.


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