Savannah Bee Company

Hey Winifriends. I am very excited about everything Winifred Jac has going on this week. One thing is super special for all of you!

Right now though, I get to tell you about Savannah Bee Company and their AMAZING & NATURAL products. I first fell in love with SBC when I went to Savannah, GA for my honeymoon. My husband and I enjoy smaller towns and really aren’t too adventurous. It was an obvious choice for us! I had seen a tour of SBC on the Food Network, I think, before we went so it was on my list of places to find (along with the Marc Jacobs store and a haunted restaurant). So glad we found it!

Savannah Bee Company obviously sells many different kinds of honey; you can taste them in store and they are all great, but I was drawn to their body care products. All their products are made from beeswax, royal jelly, propolis, and honey so you just know they are going to feel nice and be kind to your skin. The lotion is easily my favorite lotion…ever! I’ve been purchasing it since I visited in 2010! My favorite scent is the Wild Blackberry. Smells like nothing else. Savannah Bee Company also has lip balm, shampoo and conditioner, and soap. If you’re ever in Savannah or Charleston, it’s a place you definitely need to check out!

With all that, I am having a MY FAVORITE THINGS giveaway on Instagram from today until Thursday and a gift set from Savannah Bee Company is included. I feel like Oprah here, guys! I wanted to do this to say Happy Holidays and Thank You! Be sure to enter. XO.


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