Runway Show Recap

Hey everyone. Saturday was FLY’s Spring Runway Show, and I want to do a quick recap for you.

Before the runway show, I just want to talk about my blog for a second. When I first starting blogging, my main goal was to just do it. Put all my time and energy into it to make it something I could be proud of. After I starting blogging for a while, I realized how much I loved it and started thinking about real goals. Yes, I wanted to make money. I wanted to work with other bloggers. My main goal was to work with a local boutique and form a long lasting relationship with them. FLY made that possible. I am sitting here feeling so good about Topknot Style and myself and how well the show was. And I can’t wait for future projects!

Now, the runway show… From the very first look, you could see where the show was going and you could see all the inspiration come to life. The 70’s inspired hair was absolutely amazing! It looked so good with every single look that walked down the runway. Every look was so good, but there were a few specific pieces that totally popped. A few of my favorite pieces were a bright blue dress that everyone just gasped over, a long mustard knit cardigan, a two-piece floral set, and a military inspired jumpsuit. I am still wondering why I didn’t buy it! Seeing it all come to life, since I got to see it all behind the scenes, was really inspiring.

fly runway show recap

Just a little bit about what I wore now. I wore some printed, high waisted pants that were not only super comfortable, but very fashion forward. Like, you can’t just wear these anywhere, right?! My top was a textured crop in a pale pink. My goal was to pair the pants with something different than what it was with on the runway and something not so obvious. Of course, I had to rep the topknot so everyone knew who I was.

Thanks for reading everyone. I hope y’all enjoyed following along! Remember, you can shop FLY here!

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