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As a lot of you know, I have been obsessed with skincare lately. I love trying new products, and I hope to find a regime that I love and can stick with forever. I remember looking at myself a year ago, and I just looked so tired. All the time. And I wasn’t! I was always lucky to have nice skin so I never even washed my face, to be honest. As soon as I started using different skincare products, my world changed. I looked and felt so much better. Now a morning and nightly skincare routine are just a part of my day. A very important part.

With that, I recently decided to try some Rodan + Fields products. The creators of this skincare line are the same two women who made Proactive. I never had an acne problem, but everyone knows that Proactive is the go-to for that skincare issue. I have only ever heard great things about it so knew their new line was worth trying.

rodan and fiels

I went with a SOOTHE moisturizer because this is the line made for sensitive skin. I always start with a moisturizer when I switch to a new brand because if I love it and see results, I trust that the rest of the line will be good. Moustrizer is really important to me. I HAVE to feel that hydration on my face all day. I just have to! I’m the same way with the rest of body. If I don’t feel the moisturizer on myself, I go a little crazy and have to stop everything to reapply. It might be a problem, but… Keeping your skin hydrated is what’s going to prevent all those wrinkles. Don’t ever think that just because you’re young that you don’t need to think about wrinkles. Start preventing it early! This Rodan and Fields SOOTHE moisturizer also evens out skin tone which is a huge must for me. I have a little redness to my face and that is the only reason I can never go out with absolutely no makeup. I would love to change that. This product is really helping that! I’m excited about that.

If you have questions or are interested in Rodan and Fields, here is my girl, Brittny’s page.

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