Prom Night Preparation Isn’t Easy So We Made A Checklist

Prom night is one of those occasions that is full of little details that can be easily overlooked. Attention to detail (or a lack thereof) can either make or break your chances of having the best prom night ever. You’re going to remember your prom forever; with this prom checklist you will be able to ensure you remember the occasion for all the right reasons.


Get healthy! We’ve all seen the after-school-specials about crash diets, fad diets, and how horribly malnutritioned some ladies can become trying to fit into an outfit a week before an occasion; don’t fall into the negative body image trap, you’re smarter than that! 6 months before prom it’s time to start getting healthy so you look like your best, healthiest, glowing self on the big night. Bonus points for exploring paleo, just be prepared for ketosis!

PRO TIP: Biotin supplements will make your hair and skin gorgeous if you start taking them today.

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By now you’re starting to feel the glow from all that healthy food and excessive, now it’s time to look at how many pennies you can rub together. Start budgeting and saving 4 months before prom to make sure you don’t wind up with a bargain-bin special; fashionable Sherri Hill prom dress collection is a prime place to start with your prom dress budgeting. In addition to budgeting, you won’t want to wait too much longer to book your limo, it’s going to be a busy night and there won’t be enough of these fine vehicles to go around.

This is also the time to make plans with your prom group to figure out what everyone is planning to do before and after the event.

10 Prom Night Expenses to Budget For

  1. Prom Dress
  2. Shoes
  3. Hair appointment
  4. Makeup
  5. Accessories; everything from your clutch to shiny baubles
  6. Nails
  7. Prom ticket
  8. Boutonnière for your date
  9. Dinner reservations
  10. Limousine

2 months before your prom night it is probably best to start eyeing up some jewelry and accessories. It is also the time to pick up your shoes, prom ticket, book dinner reservations, and book your hair appointment. If you haven’t already, it’s also time to start considering which prom night hairstyle you’d like to select; Pinterest and Instagram are the best place to start!

Some girls like to book a dental appointment to whiten those pearly whites, start breaking in their shoes (a great excuse to dress up a few times in advance), order their date’s boutonnière, and make sure they’ve got their tuxedo taken care of!

In addition to that, avoid salty foods for fear of bloating; it still isn’t too late to try paleo!

It’s time to confirm, re-confirm, and finalize all of your prom night plans.

Take a night off to have a pre-prom night with the girls to de-stress and bond. Strengthening your circle before the big night and talking about your hopes, dreams, and concerns in advance could help avoid any unexpected surprises (or tears and misunderstandings).

Prom Emergency Packing List

  1. Lip gloss
  2. Floss for after dinner
  3. Breath mints
  4. Compact mirror to powder your nose
  5. Perfume sample bottle
  6. Sanitary wipes

If you’ve covered everything on this list, chances are you’re going to be prepared for anything and have a blast. Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments!

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