Perfect Fall Look + Why I’m Taking A Break

Sharing the perfect Fall look with all of you, lovelies…

A little about this perfect Fall look. This pleated duster is from Zara, and I am so in love. It’s super light so it really is the perfect Fall transition piece. You can layer all day in this to give off the chilly weather vibes even if it’s still kind of warm out. Blush is still a very trendy color right now. A neutral outfit is also still on trend so I paired the blush duster with these ivory ankle boots, also from Zara. (linked the duster here. it is sold out but sign up for a restock notification)

My favorite thing about this outfit is, of course, my choker! Who isn’t choker obsessed right now? This one is from Almas NYC. It’s a very pretty light blue and goes well with the neutrals I have going on. It also just happens to be my favorite color!

Now let’s move on to something a little deeper. I have decided to take a little break from Topknot Style. The truth is, blogging has made me more insecure than I ever thought possible. My head has simply not been in it lately and that is really hard to admit. It is really hard to love your blog and not feel that love from other people. I have put a lot of time and energy into this, and right now, I just need to put all that time and energy into my family and other parts of my life. I will still be posting on social media because I obviously love fashion and pretending to be a model and playing with makeup so keep following along. Doing it this way will be way more relaxed and maybe help me find the blog love again. To everyone out there trying to make something happen, remember that you need to be happy in doing that and if you are not, taking a step back is not failing. This is something I need to keep telling myself. Thanks everyone. XO.


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