One Jacket You Need For Spring/Summer

I am finally back with a new post about the ONE jacket you will need all Spring/Summer. I got this jacket a while ago, and I am sure you’ve seen me wearing it in a couple of IG posts. I’m excited that it made to the blog. It’s about time.
So this particular jacket from Charlotte Russe is very lightweight so I can still throw it on over a ton of different outfits. The main reason this is the one jacket for Spring/Summer is because it will look great with anything. It’s neutral so any color or pattern will go with it. And a nice, military jacket can keep a look cool and casual or edge out a more pretty look. Do you remember my black and white dress from my last post? So pretty, but I paired this jacket with that one day, and it looked so fashion forward. My outfit today is a good mix of both pretty and casual so it’s a great example of what I am talking about.

I am also a huge fan of this jacket because of the small details. It’s always the details on something that can let that piece stand alone. There are buckles on the side, and I love the over sized collar. Does anyone else always roll their sleeves up on their lightweight jackets? I do that with my moto jacket, and I had to do it with my denim one, too. Preference, I guess! Oh, don’t you love the bracelet my daughter made me. I find these everywhere! She has made me so many. They’re so cute.

The last and most simple reason why this is the one jacket for Spring/Summer is because it’s cute!

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