My Current Favorite Things

So I’m here today to share a few of my current favorite things.
I like to share my favorite things with you guys every now and then to give y’all a glimpse into my beauty routines and why there are certain pieces that I am always wearing. When I love something, I tend to be pretty committed and stick with what feels good. Here are a few of those things…

1. CHS hat by Aviate/ If you follow me on IG (if you’re not, what are you waiting for?!), you know that I wear this baseball hat like every other day. Yes, that means the days I skip on the shampoo. Or the shower all together. Don’t judge me. I am actually really lucky that I even have this hat, guys! These are super popular right now and selling out almost right away. I saw this one on Instagram and called the store (Blue Poppy on Daniel Island for all you locals) immediately to have them ship it. I really do love that baseball hats are trendy again. Through my blog I have realized that I am way more casual than I thought. I do love getting dressed up every now and then, I mean I am a girl, but throwing on this CHS hat with my sneakers and a cute, comfy top or an easy dress is totally my jam.

2. Suave Professionals® Coconut Milk Infusion Intense Moisture Mask/ Now I want to tell you about a great product I received in my VoxBox from Influenster a few weeks ago. I was super stoked to receive this because I have meaning to purchase a conditioning/moisture mask for a while. I was always looking at pricey options and just kept changing my mind; wondering if it would be worth it. Now that I’ve used this a couple of times already, I will definitely be spending the extra money from now on. Mainly, because the extra money is only $5! I love that this Moisture Mask is Suave. Do you remember when Suave wasn’t looked at as a competitor? The Suave Professionals brand totally changed the outlook I had on them. This mask works beautifully and all you do is apply it to your shampooed hair and let it sit for around 5 minutes. I have to add that it smells so good. I mean, you did see coconut in the name, right?! You can seriously smell it in your hair for a few days, and I love that! So while I am throwing my other favorite thing on, my Aviate hat, I still feel okay about my hair underneath because it smells delicious.

3. E.L.F. Daily Brush Cleaner/ My last favorite thing I want to share is the E.L.F. Brush Cleaner. Not only is this product necessary, but it is very inexpensive and works really well. I always buy E.L.F. brushes because again, they are super inexpensive so I would just buy new ones when they got nasty. However, I do plan on investing in a nice brush set eventually so I have to get used to cleaning them. All you have to do with this specific cleaner is spray the brushes after every use, then wipe them a couple of times on a rag. I do spray quite a bit just to be sure! Bonus after you clean; it smells nice as you apply your makeup!

Do you guys use any of my favorite things already? If not, which one are you interested in? Let me know below. I will be sending my subscribers an extra special favorite thing tonight so if you want exclusive content sent your way, sign up over on the right! Have a good week! XO.


I received one of these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

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