I have really been pushing myself with going to the gym more. It isn’t necessarily a New Years Resolution; just something I want to do more of. I workout pretty consistently, but I get to go to my gym for free so why not take more advantage of that! Plus, I am already ordering my swimwear for summer and there’s this one piece that I really want to look good in!

One thing that really motivates me at the gym is cute activewear. I just feel yucky in old sweats and a t-shirt so it will literally be all that I am concentrating on. And being distracted while working out is never a good thing. Montiel is the perfect place for trendy activewear. Not only are their pieces really stylish and cute, they are actually functional. Cold weather workout clothes don’t have to consist of a big old sweatshirt. The Hanley long sleeve shirt is perfect to wear outside with a jacket and then work out in because it is so light. I LOVE this Montiel Teardrop bra more than anything right now. How pretty, right?! It is super supportive, too. I find that a lot of trendy sports bras don’t really do what they are supposed to, but this one does.

There is also a huge movement of going from gym to running errands or dinner with your girls so all these pieces allow you to do just that! I would feel totally amazing wearing this to a casual dinner with my family. Like, I would wear this bra with sheer tee, jeans, and sneakers, too. Why not?!

Montiel is being so nice and offering all of you 20% off until the end of February with code WinifredJac. Thanks for reading! XO.


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