Mixing Old And New For Summer Style

Mixing old and new for Summer style…

Hey y’all. I am here today to talk about mixing old and new to achieve some major Summer style. Can you even guess the old piece in this look? Hopefully not because that is where my first tip comes in.

When mixing old and new pieces, it’s important that the old piece still looks new (or new enough). It can’t be discolored or damaged in any way. Why would you keep something like that lying around anyways?! The main goal when mixing old and new is that others won’t notice what’s what. The old piece in this look is my kimono. I have loved this piece since I got it 2 years ago. I think I wore this in one of my first blog posts so it has been around for a good amount of time. It is still bright and in perfect condition so it can hang with this brand new LBD, Sam Edelman sandals, and clutch.

Another way to make an old article of clothing work is to wear it a different way than you have. Okay. This may sound like I’m repeating myself, but if I had thrown this over a denim shorts and a tank, it wouldn’t be exciting. And I know I have worn it that way before. Several times. I always want to try and keep it fresh and different. I’ve been trying really hard not to shop a lot lately because of vacations, private school, and my daughter’s birthday coming up so I have to constantly take my old clothes and pair them with newer pieces AND in a new way. It’s kind of like a puzzle. Lol. This specific dress was a great investment and a great base to add older pieces. I had never worn this kimono over a nice, black dress, and I just love how much the colors pop! Like, why didn’t I do this last summer?

Just an extra example: If you have an old kimono that you’ve worn with everything and have no new, fun ways to rock it, just use it as a swimsuit coverup!

Thanks for stopping by. XO.


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