Klen Products & A Giveaway

Very excited to introduce all of you to some natural KLEN products.

I am very excited to review some KLEN products for you guys. I always love finding new natural products to try, especially if there’s a better option for my daughter. KLEN is a brand that prides itself on making their own products safe and beneficial. What I love about their products is that they are all affordable. There are so many natural and organic products out there that I would love to choose, but the prices are just crazy! The people at KLEN actually use their own stuff which is always a good selling point. And they sent my daughter a little chapstick which was super sweet of them! She loves getting mail.

Natural bug spray is definitely a safer option for your child. I mean, some nights you HAVE to use it and no matter what, the product is going to be near their nose and mouth and on their hands which end up in their mouths. I don’t really feel like you can decide on a bug spray because of it’s smell. Has anyone ever found one that smells good? If it’s natural and it works, I’m all for it. We take nightly walks as a family now that it’s warm hot out so I’ve been using this on all of us. We’ve had no problems! And mosquitoes loooooove my husband.

KLEN also sent me this body scrub in Coconut Lime Verbana. This really is one of my favorite scents ever; I used to only buy lotion in this scent. This scrub is so light and sugary, and it really does make my skin so soft. I always apply it before I shower, and I literally feel like I have lotion on after it washes off. I love that! Plus, it just smells incredible.

klen products

Another one of the KLEN products I want to review is a lip gloss. This Champagne lip gloss is just so so tasty… is it weird to say tasty when describing something you’re not supposed to be tasting? Lol. I love a simple gloss some days. I always have lip stick on so it’s nice to change it up a little and keep it more natural. Lucky for you KLEN sent me an extra Champagne Lip Set (last pic below) for one lucky winner! Who wouldn’t want Champagne on their lips all day!? All you have to do to enter is subscribe to Topknot Style! Thanks so much! XO!


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