Fly Modern Apparel Spring Runway Makeup

I am back with FLY MODERN APPAREL and MOD BEAUTE STUDIO (LIKE them both on Facebook) to talk about makeup for their SPRING RUNWAY SHOW. Again, it is being held on April 30th at 6:30!

spring runway

So the hair inspiration came from the 70’s, but the makeup inspiration is coming from another decade. The 60’s! I am obsessed with the 60’s. I even took a history class on it in college. But back to the show… Do you immediately think Twiggy? Those eyes, right? Creating thick eyelashes on the top and bottom was THE big makeup trend back then. Thick eyeliner, eye shadow in blues and grays, and pale pinks for the lips were also very trendy. You can see in FLY’s inspiration boards that to modernize the look they are going for a beautiful apricot lip. I love that. Although it’s still pretty close to the pale pink, it’s still important to make a look your own. It’s a perfect color for Spring!

I love how the makeup and hair is coming from different decades. It’s just nice to mix them together and show us all how to make them current. Pairing it with today’s fashion is going to look pretty amazing. I really cannot wait for the night. I feel so lucky to get all this exclusive access and share with all of you. Mixing new and old, and mixing high and low is what fashion is all about, right?! And to finish this post, can I just say how amazing MOD’S stylists/artists are. Wouldn’t you love for them to doll you up?

Thank y’all for stopping by! Don’t forget to head over to FLY’s website to shop!



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