First Day of Spring

Today on WJ, I wanted to give all of you some great outfit inspiration for the first day of Spring! I swear the second the weather changes, I am a different person. Warm weather makes me so happy. Two trends that I am loving right now is the military trend and the off the shoulder trend. Two looks that I can’t wait to showcase on my blog soon; I have a military inspired vest that is so cool and a very pretty off the shoulder top. Just FYI, if you subscribe to my blog, I will send you inspo, like below, every week! Straight to your inbox!

The military is trend is a really easy one to pull off because there are many different aspects of it. Wearing the military green or camo print is a really obvious choice; one that I am all for! What I love about it, is the big pockets. Even uniforms now have them. They are a really eye catching detail. My husband is also in the military so I have always had random camo or green pieces in my closet, like this top.

Off the shoulder tops have been a huge trend for a while now. There are a few different styles you can go with. The complete off the shoulder or the cold shoulder which means there is just a bigger cutout. You can find this trend in a dress, too. I just think it’s such a pretty trend. Great for showing off those tan shoulders!

What do you guys think of these trends and looks? I really do I have inspired your first day of Spring look! That is why I’m here, after all. XO.


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