Finding Your Personal Style

Today on Winifred Jac, I am sharing some tips for finding your personal style. I started blogging for a few reasons; I wanted to have something of my own, I love fashion, and I wanted to meet and work with other bloggers and brands I love. I knew it was going to be fun. What I didn’t know was that it was going to change me. Blogging has helped me grow in many different ways, but it has helped me identify my personal style. From the beginning of my blogging journey to now, I see such a difference. I want to share what I’ve learned with all of you. I want to give you tips on finding your personal style.

LIFESTYLE. I have always had it in my head how I wanted to dress. It wasn’t until I was well into being a Style Blogger that I realized my lifestyle just doesn’t match my vision. So I stopped. Would I love to have every piece of Kim Kardashian’s closet? Yes, but I have a very casual life. I take my daughter to the park and I run around to the grocery store and piano lessons. Learning to embrace that has really affected my shopping and what I wear. I dress casually with a pop of something sexy or pop of color or a heel every once in a great while so I am comfortable but still me!

BUY WHAT YOU LOVE. This tip is super important; not only for your wallet, but for you and identifying your personal style. I worked in retail forever before I got married so I would just spend all my money at whatever store I worked at. They were all stores in the mall so they were not exactly investment pieces; let’s just say that. So I had a bunch of clothes that I would wear once and they’d fall apart or I just didn’t love them enough to wear them again. Then when I started blogging a while ago, I constantly felt like I had to buy something new like every other day so I could get new pieces up. Still not okay! It wasn’t until recently that I said to myself, DO NOT BUY THAT UNLESS YOU CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT IT. This has helped me focus on if the item is really me or not. Am I wanting it because I saw another blogger or celeb wearing it? Am I buying it because I need something new? This also goes along with all the trends out there. I am an advocate for trying out a trend if you love it. But do not purchase and wear a trend that you are not comfortable in or just don’t love. Just because it is a trend, doesn’t mean it needs to be on you.

BE YOU. At the end of the day, there is fashion and then there is style. Completely different ideas. “Style is what you choose.” At the end of the day, you have to love what you have on and you have to feel comfortable. (See #1 and #2) You need to own it. Always. Dress for yourself and you will have no problem finding your personal style.

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