Fashion Show Looks From Fly Modern Apparel

Behind the scenes look at pieces for the FLY Fashion Show.

This Saturday is the FLY fashion show that I’ve been involved with for the past few weeks. I have shared with all of you the hair and makeup and today I want to show some of the actual looks.

My favorite detail for the fashion show is all the different prints and textures. There are some really bright and bold prints which I am super excited to see walk down the runway! I always say that if you are going to wear a print, go for it! I love mixing prints; remember it doesn’t have to match, it just has to go. I am lucky enough to wear a few pieces the night of the runway show, and one look I tried on was a big mix of different black and white prints! The look the FLY staff and I decided on is a really cute mix of textures and current trends! I can’t wait to show you that look next Monday!

fly fashion show

Remember when I talked about the 60’s and 70’s hair and makeup inspiration? Although the show isn’t all about those decades, there are some pieces that tie into that really well. I saw a few shift dresses that definitely resemble the dresses of the 60’s. For example, this shift dress is made so current with the marble print and pairing it with these sunglasses brings us back to Twiggy! Some 70’s inspiration is a few two piece sets with higher waists, crochet, and fringe.

In the fashion show, you will see a lot of longer pieces of jewelry. Longer pieces, clothing or jewelry, is really trendy right now. I love the tasseled necklaces.

Anyone in the Summerville/Charleston area, the Spring Runway Show is this Saturday at 6:30 and it is really going to be incredible. Remember, you can shop FLY here. XO.


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