Culinary Tour On Upper King Street, Charleston

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to go on the Charleston Culinary Tour. I really had a great time and would totally recommend it to anyone visiting or even if you are lucky enough to call Charleston home!
charleston culinary tour

For the Charleston culinary tour, it was obviously important to be comfortable and casual. I wear this jacket with everything, and I paired it a loose striped tank from FLY Modern Apparel.

Huge disclaimer here… I am obviously not a food blogger or food photographer so I do want to say that the pictures do not do the food I got to try justice. I love styled food photos, but between eating, drinking, and time restraints, I had to shoot and eat! And that was fine by me!

The first restaurant for our culinary tour, our group got to eat at was HoM on King St. This burger place had a really cool vibe; they even have ping pong tables in the back. We were served calamari with a sun-dried tomato puree, a pork flat bread with pimento cheese (apparently a huge Southern staple), and lastly a turkey burger with sliced granny smith apples. The calamari was my favorite dish. I just loved the puree, but everything was really tasty.

While we walked to R Kitchen, our lovely tour guide entertained with a lot of history which I loved. I feel like since I moved here, I haven’t really participated in enough touristy things. I love learning about Charleston so I thought it was nice that she was educated on everything and sneaked that in even though it was a culinary tour. R Kitchen was my favorite of the day. The kitchen and dining are all in one room so the inside only fits a handful of people. Their menu changes based on dietary wants/needs of the diners or on what they have! Although our food was prepared before we got there, on a normal night, the guests really get to witness what goes on in the kitchen and really get a show! The small dishes we got to taste were a curried vegetable mix, a chicken and balsamic reduction crostini, and a pork Bolognese pasta. The crostini was my favorite bite of the day! I am a sucker for anything with balsamic!


Our last lunch/dinner restaurant was Lana’s on Rutledge Ave. This one is right across the street from Hominy Grill which is another really popular restaurant in Charleston. At Lana’s we had a gazpacho and mushroom risotto. It was a really lovely, light tasting, and I paired it a Strawberry Rum drink. Yum.


We ended our culinary tour at Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream on King Street. I chose a Riesling Poached Pear Sorbet. OMG. It was so good. They have such a variety of flavors. I would definitely recommend going to Jeni’s; kids and adults. I think my friend tasted every single flavor before deciding on one!

charleston culinary tour

Overall, it was a really good time. The tour guide was great, and everyone there was really friendly and a great group to spend almost 3 hours with! If you’re in the area, take this tour or any tour! This one will leave you very full, and it’ll make you fall back in love with Charleston.



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