Candy Land Birthday Party For Savannah


Before Savannah’s Candy Land birthday party, we celebrated her actual birthday last Friday. It was kind of a busy day getting ready for her 5th birthday party, but still really special. We went out for ice cream as a family then opened a few gifts and had our usual Friday movie night. To read the letter I wrote my now 5 year old, click here.

As much as I have been dreading my daughter turning 5 and growing up, I was really excited for her party. This was her first friend only party. We have either been back home for her birthday or a few family members have come down here. We worked hard on the decorations and really planned everything out due to the lack of space in my home. I needed more contained games and things so that was why we had a face painter from Storybook Encounters and then when she left, all the kids made candy necklaces at the table. I like to plan everything out so there isn’t too much chaos. I even guesstimate (that is a word, right?!) how long each activity will take. It keeps me calm. Don’t judge me.

Back to the Candy Land birthday party decorations, I was so happy that I found a video (see below) on how to make these giant lollipops, but let me tell you… harder than it looks. Lol. My original plan was to have a ton of them, but because they were frustrating me, I only made 4. The cute candies on the wall are just paper plates from WalMart wrapped in cellophane. So cheap and cute! The floor game board squares are just pre-cut fabric squares from JoAnns. I normally make all the decor just because I like to involve Savannah and it definitely saves me money. It’s always our Summer project; to make party decorations!

Overall, it really was an amazing day. Savannah had a blast with all her friends and felt so special and loved. I really can’t believe it came and went so fast. I always get so emotional when special events like this end! Why can’t they last forever?! Savannah has since started Kindergarten and that was another rough day for Momma, but she again, is having a blast! And that’s what matters most.

Thanks again to everyone who came and just made my daughter feel like a Candy Land princess. XO.


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