Bridal Shower Invitations Featuring Basic Invite


Why am I talking about bridal shower invitations today? Well, I know this blog is mostly all about my personal style and a few beauty related things, but I am very excited to share another aspect of my life with you. My family life and a very exciting time in it. My little sister recently got engaged, and I couldn’t be happier for her. Or him! They are really a great couple and any man who can keep us girls calm, is a keeper. Something I have talked about before on Topknot Style is how I moved away from home a few years ago. Moments like these are always so special but that slowly fades because I am simply not there. It’s been a hard transition but a necessary one. Anyways, I promised my sister when I left that I would be so involved with wedding planning when that happened and baby stuff when she got there that she wouldn’t even know I was miles and miles away. I know I have to hold up to that. I’ve already been pinning like crazy and am already in full bridal shower planning mode. That is where Basic Invite comes in and makes all this really easy for both her and I.

What I love most about Basic Invite is the ability to customize every single invitation on the website. It was an easy process for my sister to log on and pick out the invitations she liked, and then go even further and customize each one. There are almost unlimited color options for every element of the invitation so you can get it exactly how you want it. You can see all those changes as you make them so nothing is a surprise when your samples arrive. Oh yes, you can get samples before ordering! This whole process is so amazing because it takes a load off the Bride down the road. And as the MOH, that is a big part of my job!

Basic Invite is just as colorful with their envelopes. That way, the invitation will stand out before it is even opened! Pretty packaging is always a nice surprise.

As you can see with the bridal shower invitations my sister and I designed that she’s going for a more rustic setting with lavender as the main color. I already have so many ideas for her shower… I was thinking a garden party or a brunch with a mimosa bar and a flower crown station. Lots of babys breath everywhere. Because we were able to customize her invitations, they definitely give the vibe that she’s going for and I know she’ll be happy with them. And her being happy is the most important thing! Thanks to Basic Invite for making that possible even though I’m miles and miles away. XO.


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