4 Reasons To Steal Your Husband’s Shirt

Today I am giving y’all 4 reasons to steal your husband’s shirt. Not just any old shirt, the classic white button up. There is nothing like a guy in a crisp white shirt. Well, except you in that crisp white button up. Wink.

4 reasons to steal your husband’s shirt

1. Oversized/ The oversized fit is a really trendy option that gives off a more casual vibe and helps with comfort level. Men’s shirts will more than likely give you that look. Even if you and your huz are close to the same size, men have a different body type so it’ll obviously just lay differently. I just wear my husband’s shirts around the house a lot. It’s when I need to be most comfortable!

2. Classic piece/ The button up is a classic piece of clothing for both a man and a women. Everyone should have one in their closet, whether it’s a white one or a plaid print.

3. Different Take/ The classic white button up has many different twists to it nowadays. Obviously, mine is just the classic shape, but I love that there’s off the shoulder options and one’s that wrap with a big bow. I just love that they’re revamping shapes that have been around forever. That is why certain pieces never get old. I have a few linked below.

4. Convenience/ Because why not?! Right?! My husband loves when I wear his t-shirts to bed so I’m sure he won’t mind me stealing this! Don’t be afraid to walk over to your man’s closet and see what you can find!



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